Keeping your spine healthy

Keeping your spine healthy, is very important because it impacts the overall health of the individual. The spine provides support and structure for the whole body. The central nervous system controls every cell in the body. The spine gives stability, mobility and protects the nervous system. It allows the control of various kinds of movements only if the spine is in good condition. At some point in everyone’s life, there is a chance of experiencing spine problems. The results can be painful, disturbing, disabling and even sometimes dangerous. A sedentary lifestyle, poor posture, muscle weakness, muscle imbalance, poor mobility in the muscles around the spine are the main causes of spinal health problems.

How to keep your spine healthy ?

Exercise and proper diet are very important for healthy living. Healthy eating alone will not keep us well. Exercise puts all parts of the body to work and thus promotes improvements in body functions. Regular exercise is also good for the spine. How do we know which exercises are best?
When it comes to exercise and diet, one plan will not fit all. Supervised individual exercise prescription is best, which is not always available. We need to understand and more importantly, listen to the body.
It is a good idea to do strengthening and stretching exercises since they help you to perform everyday activities. They slow down the bone and muscle loss rate, lessen the chance of falling, improve posture, reduce the risk of injuries and back pain.
In the exercises page on this website, there are a set of simple flexible and portable exercises that can help you to build strong bone and muscle. Theses can be done at home without using any exercise machines. Use a table or a chair, exercise mat and towels to perform the exercises. Start with standing exercises then move to the chair and finally on to the floor. Start slowly, cautiously and carefully read the instructions. Take proper precautions and you will improve over time. Plan a routine by selecting any of the strengthening and stretching exercises mentioned that fits your body’s needs. Don’t push hard while exercising and also be patient since exercise may cause you injury that you are trying to prevent.  

Consult your doctor before starting exercise.